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Devils vs Heels

The first Head-to-Head escape room where Pour La Victoire Korrine Deep Teal Women's you’re actually in the same room as your opponents!

Victoire Pour Korrine Deep Teal La Women's Take on your rivals, and see if you can make the final shot before time runs out – or before your opponent scores!

You’ll be split into two teams – the Devils and the Heels.  You’ll go into your respective locker rooms.  There you’ll find a collection of clues and puzzles that will help you make it onto the court.  Once on the court, you’ll meet your competition.  Each of you will have to solve your own puzzles.  Then find the code to unlock the basketball in middle of our 32′ basketball court with regulation goals, and score a bucket in your opponent’s basket before time runs out.  Get there first, and it will be time for your “One Shining Moment!”

Devils vs Heels is like nothing you’ve done before!  Nowhere else will you find an escape room that allows you to truly compete against another team and do it while paying homage to the greatest rivalry in all of sports.  This is a great game for beginners, basketball fans, and anyone who wants to try a different kind of escape experience.

Man-to-man D and mid-range jumpers come in handy!


Note: While Devils vs Heels was built for a 5 vs 5 game, it works great 2 vs 2.  So if you’ve got a group of 4, come give it a shot!

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Pour Women's Victoire Deep La Korrine Teal


  • You’re a fan of basketball & awesome games!
  • You love true competition
  • You want a room with more traditional puzzles


  • Don’t wear high heels.
  • Bring your friends and pick your starting 5
  • Work on your jumper!


It’s truly Head-to-Head.  You’ll be on the basketball court playing against your rivals!

Total Players:


Escape %:


Best Time:

Korrine Women's Pour La Deep Teal Victoire 30:10 (0 hints)


$25 (plus tax) per person
Teal Korrine Pour Victoire La Women's Deep
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Players per Game:

4 to 10